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Presario B1800 Series replacement laptop battery|W22044LB batteries

Presario B1800 Series replacement laptop battery|W22044LB batteries

HP W22044LB laptop batteries
  • Product ID:1001897
  • Battery Type:Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage:11.1 V
  • Battery Capacity:4400 mAh (6 cell)
  • Battery Color:Black
HP W22044LB laptop batteries
HP COMPAQ W22044LB laptop batteries can replace the following part number:


Fashion and business seems to run counter to the two areas, but today more and more common. Such products in the same notebook reflected, business people to work well, the use of stability, performance, strong impression, and fashion on behalf of the atmosphere full of youthful vigor, revealing the fashion business in the taste, and fashion also flash forward to the quality business, is currently the notebook as the direction of development of consumer electronics. It is in this environment, the Hewlett-Packard introduced a series of free men is Compaq Presario B1800, at the same time Hewlett-Packard's first 12-inch widescreen notebook.

I believe that "Presario business" is a free Hewlett-Packard Compaq Presario B1800 position, why do I say that? Fashion, the HP Compaq Presario B1800 free of the shell has a silver gray, metal roof and white drawing of the keyboard, fresh and elegant appearance, 12-inch wide-screen equipment mirror and allows users to receive audio and video on enjoy; and talking about business, we are more concerned about the durability of this product as well as the whole performance.

Compaq Presario B1800 has a fresh and elegant appearance, slim build light regardless of the table placed in the hands might have seemed just right. Shell full of fashionable silver-gray atmosphere, and white keyboard design prowess seems. Screen has a circle around the black outline of the border, in the light of the overall appearance of the Department reflect the level of a certain sense. The free HP Compaq Presario B1800 12.1-inch widescreen display also has good effects on the performance of the LCD used in the BrightView technology, mirror-like screen in general, can improve the brightness of images displayed at the same time to restore the true color image, beautiful .

HP Compaq Presario B1800 free the body to 2.56 centimeters (H) �� 30.00 cm (W) �� 22.95 cm (deep), plus the weight of batteries for 1.83 kilograms. 12.1-inch wide-screen using the above metal materials, which are interspersed drawing process, the full texture. Metal roof is not only beautiful, but also can provide a good degree of tenacity, when pressed by using, the LCD screen does not appear the phenomenon of water ripples. A state of semi-open, free HP Compaq Presario B1800 is also shown a sense of the slim is no doubt that in the metal roof of the "care", the screen feels solid part. HP Compaq Presario B1800 free screen can be opened to 180 degrees. Pure white when the keyboard can be said that a highlight of this notebook, pure air will blow against our faces. Although the smaller 12.1-inch, wide-screen design of the left button of the compact and yet relaxed, appropriate spacing can be avoided in the operation of the user not to press. At the same time, the flexibility of soft keys moderate, the next time feedback can be felt, and a long click is also not easy to produce fatigue.

Handling in the touch pad, Hewlett-Packard Compaq Presario B1800 free use of the painting process, the surface of delicate sense of touch Shibuya, we can guarantee the smooth finger positioning and easy movement. When the user put a finger on the touch pad will result in vertical bar on orange, they can flip up and down the mouse wheel to achieve the operation, so can greatly improve the efficiency of operation. HP Compaq Presario B1800 free the top of the keyboard is also set aside a section of space, above, as well as an integrated switch to adjust the volume, wireless LAN switch shortcut keys, user-friendly operation. At the same time, the space reserved just for some users and increased the distance between the screen, watch the screen even if the eye is also a long time will not feel discomfort.

The speakers on this notebook at the bottom of the screen, compared to some of the speakers placed at the bottom of products or practices on both sides, voices in the dissemination of the path will not be disturbed, you can directly reach the user's ears. Limited to the thickness of the screen, the sound speaker unit is not great, to a certain extent affected the sound, but the overall feeling of quality or satisfactory.

In both sides of the back-end notebooks, respectively, VGA video output settings interface as well as the S-VIDEO port, but also set up a USB interface, the distribution of uniform interface for users to connect the corresponding equipment in the has been facilitated. Turned its eyes to the right side of the notebook, you can see the power and headphone port, MIC jack, there are close to the location of the low-end IEEE1394 interface and two USB interfaces. Free HP Compaq Presario B1800 is equipped with a total of three USB interface, essentially external equipment to meet the needs of users, In addition, the fragmentation of design and spacing to ensure that the larger the user to connect USB devices at the time of large-scale smooth.

In the middle of the right side of the notebook, Hewlett-Packard Compaq Presario B1800 free also set up a row of cooling holes, with the corresponding location of this internal cooling fan, you can very well be excluded from the heat inside the machine. About the free HP Compaq Presario B1800, after the appearance and interface, let us look at the bottom of the notebook case and internal dismantling. From the bottom of the overall plan, this product is not difficult to discover the complexity of molds and fine degree of heat grid and to facilitate the demolition of the introduction of the rear cover, not only to ensure that the machine user-friendly cooling and maintenance or upgrade parts.

Battery connection, the use of this product after the popular home-style installation method, using a piece of the 4400mAh capacity 6-cell lithium W22044LB battery. Free as a result of Hewlett-Packard Compaq Presario B1800 to the use of the 5400 high-speed hard drives as well as highlight the use of technology BrightView LCD screen, battery life so a certain amount of challenges encountered, as a concrete manifestation of how, we will later test for MobileMark2002 You announced.

Products of all notebook cooling facing a common problem - how to heat from a small space. HP Compaq Presario B1800 free through the thermal conductivity of brass manner with cooling fan, brass section placed on the CPU, the other side towards the fan, the CPU can not only rule out the possibility of heat, but also on the cooling system next to memory, larger hard drive and other heat cooling hardware implementation.

Cooling system to be removed, and we can have a more intuitive understanding of heat conduction cooling system is composed of brass and the cooling fan. It is worth mentioning that after removing the cooling system, CPU on the "exposure" in the eyes of the author, B1808TU the CPU for Intel Pentium-M 750, operating frequency is 1.86GHz, a number of machine performance for demanding users , but also on the CPU upgrade.

This notebook uses a capacity of 60G to the 5400 high-speed hard drive, next to the PRO is the Intel Centrino wireless card. Intel's Centrino mobile technology rather than the processor, chipset and other forms of a single product, the representative of a set of mobile computing solutions, the composition of Centrino is divided into three parts: the Pentium M processor, chipset 855/915 Series group and the Intel PRO wireless card, one can not do the three together form the Centrino mobile technology.
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